The Book That Keeps On Giving

Lives Inspired:

Imagine a book that could inspire you
every time you pick it up.

Imagine the difference that a great inspiration like this could have on your life. Now, imagine the same inspiration being shared with people you care about – and beyond.

THAT is magic.

Inspiration Bible: The Unseen Force Transforming Lives Worldwide is a book devoted to uplifting humanity. From teenagers who are struggling to find themselves to adults with challenges to the elderly who are giving up on life, Inspiration Bible aims to be the much-needed beacon of love and wisdom to bring people through their darkest moments and raise them up to live the life they dream.

Searching for inspiration?

Brought to life by Emily Gowor, Inspiration Bible is a book compiled of one-page entries from 365 people globally sharing a message that will inspire you.

From life wisdom to stories of overcoming adversity, Inspiration Bible is a book you can call on every day of the year for the inspiration you need – featuring one person and one story all year round.

Because the Emily believes in making a difference, the Inspiration Bible book has a philanthropic aspect to it:

For every copy of the book that is purchased, we give a second copy of the book away to a person in need of inspiration.

This means that the power is DOUBLED when you buy the book – giving the gift of inspiration so that one more life is influenced, one more life is changed, and one more dream is awakened.

So, not only can you become inspired yourself, but you can raise hope for another person somewhere in the world.

Through this philanthropic approach, the Inspiration Bible is set to influence thousands of lives globally – the potential is humbling.

Capturing the inspiration of humanity, the Inspiration Bible book is a truly special project harnessing the heart, love, and wisdom of hundreds of individuals to create an incredible ripple effect in the world.




combined years of inspiration

The Inspiration Bible has a story for everyone.

 Find your inspiration in the following topics and many more.

  • Weight loss
  • Becoming paralysed
  • Creativity, art and healing
  • Health tips
  • Losing a child at birth
  • Cancer – liver, breast
  • See The Full List of Topics.
  • Prostitution
  • Travel/adventure
  • Poverty
  • Loss of jobs
  • Brain tumours
  • Being overweight
  • Motherhood

Inspire Your Life With 365 Days of Inspiration