Age: 37

City: Melbourne

Country: Australia

Profession: Visual Thinking Coach, Doodler and Mind Mapper

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: It’s a great project and it’s fantastic to be involved and have a chance to help inspire other people in a small but hopefully powerful way. I resonate with the mission of the Inspiration Bible and I hope it touches the lives of many people worldwide. I think it’s also a great opportunity to come together with like-minded individuals for a common mission, purpose and goal.

Adam is a qualified life coach living in Melbourne, Australia. Over the years he has turned his passion for coaching and helping people into a more visual experience through his mind maps and doodles. Adam initially got started online when he shared his first mind map with the world back in 2008. He has since created over 250 self-growth mind maps available at A lot of the work that Adam does these days goes into helping kids get the most from their visual thinking ability. Through his workshops kids learn how to utilize doodling, self-growth and visual thinking principles to help them think more creatively, make better decisions, set goals, manage their emotions, boost self-esteem, learn how to handle conflict, and overcome life’s problems. All of these skill areas are essential for life. In fact, they are essential for living a healthy, well-rounded and optimal adult life in the best possible way. The workshops Adam conducts are very much like boot camps for living life more effectively. Adam uses visual thinking to teach kids how to successfully deal with real world problems and challenges that they will undoubtedly face as they mature and make their way into the adult world. However, this isn’t just about skill development, this is about helping kids develop the necessary mindset that will help them approach life’s problems in optimal ways. It’s about helping them develop the mental attitude and resilience that will allow them to be more resourceful in every life situation.

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