City: San Francisco

Country: United States

Profession: Intuitive Results Coach

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: I was so inspired by meeting Emily and the project she was undertaking. I knew I wanted to be involved in her vision for the Inspiration Bible and hope that it contributes to others on a profound level!

Alexandra Joy Smith has spent her life on a quest for discovering how ordinary living transforms into extraordinary when you “do the work”. She never knew her heart would tear open so deeply when she gave birth to my first child. She now has three children and three times that love. Her lifestyle changed having children but my passion, interests, inspirations, dreams and goals did not. She felt suddenly inspired, motivated and passionate to find ways to re-discover herself as a caring and present mother but also to be totally connected to her highest purpose in life and is passionate about teaching others to do the same. She powerfully holds the space that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE when you “do the work”! She is a New Yorker at heart but is now based in the East Bay of San Francisco after spending seven years living abroad in New Zealand and Australia. She brings 25 years of experience working in the Health, Fitness and Wellness Industry and brings a BA in Psychology and Life Coaching Certification to her Intuitive Results Coaching System. She has also participated in thousands of hours of Transformational and Spiritual environments. Her depth of exposure and study with transformational methodologies is vast. She has integrated all of the methodologies into a powerful system that transforms people’s lives. Alexandra is crystal clear that it will take a collective shift of consciousness and requires us “doing the work” individually and together to create the true transformation we are looking for on the planet.

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