City: Sydney

Country: Australia

Profession: Keynote Speaker. Author. Leadership Consultant.

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: It’s a huge honor to be one of 365 inspirational, everyday people who have the opportunity to encourage many others through our own stories, struggles and journeys. Through our stories we can help other people, just like us, to realize that they too have a choice in everything they do in life, to give them courage to continue on their own journey, and to encourage them take massive inspired action to change their own lives and create a ripple effect of change throughout the world. This is a hugely powerful project of change that I’m very privileged to be part of.

Alicia Menkveld is an entrepreneur for the last 16 years. She loves to travel and lived on three continents to date where she consulted for companies of all sizes in the UK, South Africa and Australia. Alicia is an inspirational keynote speaker, published author and leadership coach focussed on developing human potential. She offers a complete range of training and coaching services to help you and your organisation win at work and in life. Alicia Menkveld International is a courage-building company that inspires confident, courageous behaviour in organisations and people on both a personal and professional level. In 2013, she co-authored “In the Spirit of Abundance” a book of inspiring stories from entrepreneurs around the world, together with world class leaders such as Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen from “Chicken Soup for the Soul”. In Alicia’s own words: “I’m a passionate free-thinker, modern-day gypsy and change maker who have been on an amazing journey of self-discovery. On my journey I went through many highs and lows, emotionally abusive relationships, being retrenched, successful and failed business ideas, shifting stubborn beliefs and a health scare because I didn’t love and care for myself. I’ve learned to lean into my fears and feelings of “not being good enough” and started saying YES! more often to loving myself and chasing my dreams. I slowly learned to value my worth and what I want most in life, instead of only focussing on others. I discovered the magic in me and would love to help you discover the magic in you!”

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