City: Leamington Spa

Country: Warwickshire

Profession: Chartered Psychologist

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: Back in 2006, my life fell into a gigantic heap after experiencing an episode of depression that resulted in the end of a 20 year marriage. I learned so much and have become a much stronger and more powerful person through the experience. I discovered a healthy lifestyle formula that tackles depression and stress at the root causes. This is why I became part of this exciting project – to share my story and in doing so, help others.

Andrew Bridgewater is a UK Chartered Psychologist, MBA and the author of “Fit For Business: How To Deal With Stress & Create A Healthy Work Life Balance. Andrew specialises in helping leaders respond to stress in highly effective, healthy and sustainable ways which positively impact the bottom line of the business. He has written a number of books and Andrew’s other products include :- Fit For Business – an 8 week audio home study course which includes a 1:1 coaching session The Alkaline Diet Success Formula – a 6 week audio home study course which includes interviews with other alkaline diet experts from around the world To enquire about booking Andrew as a speaker or to request a 1:1 consultation, please contact To connect with Andrew via social media :-

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