City: Gold Coast

Country: Australia

Profession: Holistic Mind Body & Energy Coach, Author & Mum

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: I believe in taking positive steps towards contribution that allows the worlds Consciousness to uplift, assisting us to bring it to a level that creates even more Joy throughout humanity…one inspiration at a time! This book allows exactly that :)

Angela’s purpose is to help others live authentic JOY, so they create a fulfilling life truly desired and take charge of their PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL, ENERGETIC & SPIRITUAL Wellbeing. Building from her initial studies of Health Science that began over 15 years ago, Angela has created a very holistic approach to her coaching and healings. She encourages personal breakthroughs and assists with the challenges that arise within one’s life so individuals and groups can obtain their desired goals while remaining aligned with who they are. Angela brings experience from Pathology, Remedial Massage Therapy, Circuit Training, Intuitive/Spiritual Healing, Energy Medicine & Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Ericksonian Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Health & Lifestyle Sciences. She therefore contributes an extensive amount of knowledge into her personal and professional life and acts like a catalyst to help propel people towards what they want! By assisting individuals and groups to raise their levels of Consciousness it ultimately contribute to global transformations. Since Angela self-healed from years of illness, she lives and breathes the Mind-Body-Spirit-Energy connection and uses many techniques to self-care through self-mastery, regaining authenticity and internal congruence. Specialising in issues ranging from Self love & Confidence, Relationship & Communication Mastery, Goal Attainment, Health & Lifestyle fulfillment, Energy Management, Performance & Behavioural Transformation, Emotional Balance & Pain Management, Angela also regularly facilitates Workshops that on various topics (see website for details). On a personal note, Angela loves connecting with her family and friends and regularly practices Yoga, Meditation, Personal Transformation, African Drumming and Dance.