City: Wantage

Country: England

Profession: Bowen Therapist Speaker Author Mentor

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: My life experiences have made me who I am. With my transformational story I like to give people Hope and inspiration that they can change for life. And that it is ok who we are!! As we can not et rid of the thinks that we have done in life that we done like or be judged for. What ever the experience we had in life is best to integrated into who we are and come to accept them and love and love who we are. As it does not matter what have done or have not done we are worthy of love. I love who I am today after having over come many extreme challenges.

Angelika’s story is one of isolation, manipulation and exploitation. This left her with an overwhelming sense of having no real place in the world. As a result, many of her life choices were influenced by a lack of self-worth and low self-esteem. These, in turn, led her into further experiences of disappointment, despair and even destitution.

However, it was through these experiences that Angelika began to develop an inner strength and determination. She also looked for external sources of guidance and inspiration. Over the years she learned to accept and process her past, choosing to release her limiting beliefs.

Today, she approaches life positively, passionately and with a sense of purpose. Now she finally feels, as she says, “Free to be me” and want’s to help others to find hope and encouragement and to know that there is a way to make the changes they deserve for their own freedom..

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