Age: 42

City: Coach, Trainer, Author

Country: Australia

Profession: Coach, Trainer, Author

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: We all have a story we can write of our lives – some good and some not so good. I have realised that we can choose to live by our stories which could hinder our growth or we could learn from them and leverage ourselves positively. This book is an opportunity to show people that we can take something positive from adversities. We are still whole, perfect and complete regardless of our stories.

Angie Johnston, a Certified Master Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist, Coach and Author provides a personalised service utilising powerful communication tools and strategies to help men, women with Anxiety, Depression and Addictions to resolve issues, take control and get results. Angie has also worked in the corporate sector supporting business’s utilising NLP strategies to strengthen and unify teams and organisations. In 2012 Angie wrote Today’s a Great Day to Quit Cigarettes utilising NLP and Hypnosis tools coupled with experience of working with hundreds of smokers. Angie’s mission to inspire positive change drove her to create a project in 2014 called ‘Today’s a Great Day’ which empowers positive change for 365 days through video, photos and powerful messages of hope, courage, growth and strategies to enrich people’s lives. “After being diagnosed with depression at 22 years of age, I recognised that there was another way besides drugs,” said Angie, “I just had to figure that part out and so I picked up as many books as possible and read until I found what worked for me.” “It was not a ‘quick fix’ method, but it was incredibly powerful, enriching and rewarding in so many ways that it lead me to my vision that happiness is easily obtainable without the use of drugs, alcohol and addictions.” “These methods and strategies that I learnt are now the heart of my business.” Life is too short for regrets, so live from a place of Joy and go and do what makes your heart sing!

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