City: Cairns

Country: Australia

Profession: Intuitive Coach and Energtic Healer

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: Urged by many to write of my experience of consciously uncoupling our 30yr partnership with the intention of supporting others on a similar journey the Inspiration Bible Project was the perfect opportunity to share my story of hope at a global level. I was so impressed with emily’s online writing webinar and course, her support of the virgin writer and her own personal achievements and passion to encourage creatives I knew I had to become a part of this inspiring, innovative and purposeful project. I am in gratitude for being accepted as an author of a chapter of this book.

ANGIE QUINN loves what she does: working as an Intuitive Life & Laughter Coach, Energetic Healer and Parent Educator, Angie offers a unique approach to personal development through her business, SOULHAPPY. Driven by an insatiable interest in human potential, Angie is a dynamic, motivated woman passionate about facilitating and inspiring people to be their authentic selves. With an innate ability to see greatness within, coupled with her expansive knowledge and wisdom she creates a sacred space for people as she intuitively guides them towards increased personal power and transformative change through intelligent reflection, creative thinking and energetic embodiment practices. Trained in Holistic Life Coaching – NLP – Parent Effectiveness Training – Certified Reiki Master –Access Consciousness – Laughter Yoga – Youth Work – The Art of Feminine Presence – Rites of Passage – A Course in Miracles, Angie’s extensive skill-set and experience provides an abundance of tools and techniques to support individual clients and work on a group facilitation level. Angie has written for many magazines, and is featured in the book ‘Running on Empty’ with a published chapter titled “The Science and Sexiness of Laughter”. She is in the process of writing her first book on parenting and an e-book based on her sole creation and facilitation of “The Authentic Woman” workshops. Mother of two gorgeous young adults, Caitlin and Connor, she loves living a creative lifestyle, music and travel and is now at a beautiful stage and age to devote her time to more coaching, speaking, workshops and writing.

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