City: Gold Coast

Country: Australia

Profession: Mulitple Brain Integration Coach

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: The invitation from Emily was compelling and exciting so it was an easy and immediate choice. We all need inspiration from time to time and if any of my words may help another, that’s a privilege to be able to support others.

Bill is one of the foremost mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques) Coach Trainers in Australia and is highly regarded, having appeared on several radio and TV shows in Australia and overseas. He has a genuine passion for helping people to discover their own innate talents and, throughout his 30 years of work within the personal development field, he has helped thousands of people improve their lives, including Business Leaders, World-Class athletes including the Australian National

Skydiving Team. The mBIT coaching model has profound implications across virtually all fields of human endeavour, and Bill is proud to be one of the leading members. His strong passion for unleashing unconscious potential, makes him a true pioneer in the never-ending quest for continuous learning and growth. Besides his private coaching clients Bill also provides coaching training for coaches and other health and educational professionals to upgrade their skills using the mBIT Model.

The model seeks to ‘liberate the human spirit’ via aligning their 3 intelligences or ‘brains’ and getting them on the same page. Thus people can make ongoing generative and transformational change. Bill has written many articles for national and international magazines and is the author of four books, including: ‘Are you Dying to Get To Work? – Work Life Balance Secrets for Busy People With Hectic Lives’, ‘Stop Procrastinating’, ‘Unfair Sales Secrets’, and ‘How to get out of your own way and play better golf’. He is currently writing a book specifically for Heart Based entrepreneurs.

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