City: Noosa

Country: Australia

Profession: Consultant, Speaker, Author

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: Ben Okri said, “Stories can conquer fear, you know. They can make the heart bigger.” That’s what this project is about – helping people grow. Who would not want to be part of something this human and this wonderful?

Bruce is consultant, speaker, author and Demartini Method® facilitator who love to help people (re)discover their vision, mission and purpose. He provides simple tools and repeatable systems that enable people to master their emotions, dissolve self-limiting beliefs and live the life they love with imagination, inspiration and gratitude. For over 35 years, Bruce has been assisting people from all walks of life to define and empower their personal calling. “I just love to help people wake up their inner genius and see them inspired and empowered to live their dreams,” Bruce says. “Everyone has a unique gift to bring to the world, my mission is to help them find it and live it.” In 1996, Bruce experienced first-hand the challenges of burn-out and depression. After conventional approaches to recovery failed, he discovered that simple shifts in perception can transform even the most deep seated emotional blockages into opportunities for gratitude and inspiration. Bruce then committed himself to sharing with others what he learned. In 2011, he created a consultancy incorporating the breakthrough Demartini Method® into his programs with amazing results. Drawing on his experience as a church minister, university lecturer, consultant, board member, philanthropist, husband and father, Bruce teaches a unique approach to mind-body-spirit integration. Bruce loves to show people how they already have within them everything they need to Be-Do-Have the life of their dreams. Bruce lives in Noosa, Australia and consults with clients worldwide.

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