Age: 49

City: Sherwood Park

Country: Canada

Profession: Personal Growth Specialist

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: I was inspired to become a part of this book because I am a co-owner of “Healing Hearts Centre” in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada and we are building a “Unity Community.” This means that we bring together other practitioners/teachers who are wholistic and we all work together in co-operation instead of competition. I really like Emily’s “Pay it Forward” attitude and I was inspired by her as she encompasses what we here are all about which is helping to inspire and provide hope and the confidence to be who you are and shine your light within.

Hi, my name is Carmen Braga and I help people get to know who they really are on a soul level and learn what their purpose is here. I am a “Personal Growth Specialist” and an “Angel Therapy Practitioner” and I communicate with the “Angelic Realm” and “Beings of Light.” Because of my work with the upper realms, I am being taught what is real and what is not and I can help you to get “unstuck” from living in the past and the future so you can learn to live in and appreciate “right now.” I can help you to learn how to live from your heart, from a place of love, peace and joy every day and most importantly, I can help you to learn how to love yourself. Ask yourself this… Are these things important to you? *Happiness *Connecting & Operating from your Heart-Mind *Opening yourself to receiving abundance in all forms *Shining your Light – Being who you are *Divine Guidance If so, then I can show you how to have all this and much, much more in your life…Daily.

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