City: Perth

Country: Australia

Profession: Business & Marketing Expert

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: “When Emily shared her plans for the Inspirational Bible, I immediately knew that it was something I wanted to be part of and support. A global philanthropic project that shares extraordinary life-changing stories and messages of wisdom from 365 people wanting to make a difference in the world is an amazing concept. Donating every second book sold to someone in need of inspiration makes the project all the more special.”

Caroline Shaw is an accomplished business and marketing expert, passionate about educating and inspiring entrepreneurs around the world to build a business that works for them, not that they work in. Since starting her first business aged 19, she has founded, bought and developed companies on 3 different continents in industries including marketing, event management, multimedia, health, personal development, property, telecommunications and fitness. As the Co-founder of Global Success Events (Australasia) – a world class promotions, marketing and event management company that partners with thought leaders across the globe in business, wealth creation, leadership and personal development. – Caroline works alongside high integrity speakers to provide products and services to improve people’s businesses and lives. Whilst Caroline has a wealth of expertise in all areas of business, her real passion is in helping other people. As she was marketing her own companies and getting great results, her friends and business associates were approaching her for marketing advice, sales ideas and leadership training and coaching. Caroline decided to take them on as clients and now focuses on helping other business owners and entrepreneurs build their organisations. Through workshops, training, consulting and coaching, Caroline has helped hundreds of business owners to build a business they love and thrive in.

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