City: Monbulk, Victoria

Country: Australia

Profession: Equine Guided Coach, Facilitator, Trainer

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: I was inspired to share the role that horses played in my life while growing up. Far from becoming obsolete, they are now stepping up to guide humans in re-connecting with their heart and innate body wisdom. There is profound learning and deep insight for us when we connect with the heart of horse to become more horse like. It helps us tap into our emergent wisdom, enhances resilience and emotional intelligence and brings us fully into the present moment through deep connections, communications and knowings from our multiple intelligence.

Cheryl grew up with horses learning life lessons from the herd and has worked with horses in Australia, the USA and the UK. 30 years ago she discovered Tai Chi and the power of breath awareness. She increasingly began to use the energetic concepts of ‘chi’, breathwork and the 3 centers of intelligence in her horsemanship and riding and began research into how this two-way, yet often unconscious energetic and emotional connection, could be developed to enhance horse human relationships and peak performance.

In 2007 she discovered the field of Equine Assisted Learning which greatly supported her insights and undertook training in a number of equine facilitated models from US based practitioners to gain certification in this field. Cheryl has a passion for the latest neuroscience and body centered research along with Positive Psychology and how this can be applied to her work.

She is a trained Mindfulness meditation teacher, Executive, Archetype and Matrix Therapies Coach and draws on Body Mind Spirit, Clean Language and Presence Based Coaching processes. She is also a Professional Certified mBIT coach and trainer and draws on all these processes to conduct programs both with and without horses. Her passion is personal and professional development, Embodied and Somatic Leadership & Horsemanship.

This is offered through ‘Windhorse Wisdom EFLC’ and as co-founder of the Centre for Equine Experiential Learning – Australia she conducts equine facilitator training along with presence based skill training for life and executive coaches, therapists and leaders. She regularly presents her work at workshops and conferences both in Australia and internationally.

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