Age: 47

City: Sydney

Country: Australia

Profession: Coaching and Healing

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: My childhood was a less than joyful one with little love and a lot of pain. As a result I had many moments in my life where I felt utterly alone, depressed and wondered if it was worth living. But something in me drove me to find things that inspired me and kept me going. I found inspiration in the simplest of things and it saved me and totally transformed my life! Now it is my deepest desire to reach out to others in need of inspiration. To pass on this beautiful gift. To let them know that there is someone who cares about them and who wishes with all her heart that they find what an amazing being they are so that they can in turn inspire others. She is just one of 365 people wanting to inspire you!

Christie Pinto is a dynamic Personal Coach, Mentor, Healer and Author. Christie’s vision is to help millions of people worldwide connect with themselves so they can live life on purpose and create a life they love while having a lot of fun. Christie has already assisted many people around the world lead more purposeful and fulfilling lives. Regarded by many as an inspiration, Christie is the author of Who Has Got Your Back? and owner of Crystal Clear Horizons, dedicated to delivering cutting edge coaching, mentoring and training to people wanting to enjoy life and make a difference in the world. After a 15 year corporate background in information technology projects, Christie found that her true purpose lay elsewhere. She made the courageous decision to follow her heart by moving into the coaching and healing space. Her background enables Christie to combine her coaching and healing skills with business knowledge to deliver a holistic approach. One of Christie’s outstanding talents is the ability to seamlessly combine Universal Laws, NLP, coaching and business into a whole. She calls it “Combining the spiritual with the practical!“. “I love it when clients start to see the bigger picture of life from a higher perspective and their ‘issues’ at a daily level suddenly become insignificant or disappear altogether.” In order to take inspired action people need access to material in a format that suits them, so Christie divides her time between coaching people who want to make a difference in the world, writing, self-development programs and multimedia work.

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