City: Brighton

Country: England

Profession: Artist and Author

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: I have become a part of the Inspirational Bible project because I believe we should all be inspired and inspirational. I see this as a wonderful way to be both. To be a part of something that is for the greater good of humanity and can send extra light around the world to places where it is needed the most. That way every little drop of light that is added can helps dispel the darkness and despair of the people in need. Thank you for creating this incredible project I am delighted to be on board.

Claire is a vibrant fun loving person who is passionate about loving life and helping others to feel the same. She delights in sharing her personal ‘Joie de Vie’ and innate wisdom with a generous open heart.

She is an incredible teacher who inspires us all to see the wonder and beauty in the natural world and in ourselves. One of those rare enigmatic souls Claire can help you to fall in Love with Life and to appreciate all aspects of your own unique journey. Through her words and gentle positive guidance you feel supported and understood. You feel that you are not alone or isolated on the earthly realm but connected strongly to all that is good in the entire Universe. Her book “One From The Heart” has sold thousands of copies touching the hearts and minds of people all round the world.

Her uplifting writing can also be found on her website, Facebook and Twitter for anyone seeking comfort and direction. Claire’s paintings also carry the same passionate healing energy as her words, weaving together with a golden thread the mystical, spiritual and traditionally beautiful. They are alchemical pieces of art conveying a magical sense of wonder and awe about all manner of things, from distant purple mountains to delicate butterfly wings. All her paintings are uniquely embellished with mixed media treasures; vintage jewellery, Mother of Pearl Buttons, crystals, seashells and pure gold. Each painting too holds a deeper inner story waiting to be discovered and retold.

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