City: Hong Kong

Country: HKSAR

Profession: Transformation Coach

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: I became a part of the Inspiration Bible project hoping that my story would inspire and encourage others. This publication also gave me the opportunity to be published internationally as a seed I sowed for future publications of my own. Finally, I saw the integrity and passion that Emily has and knew this project would accomplish what she set out to do.

DJ is the founder of EagleWingsIntl and has a passion to release corporations, business leaders, investors, and individuals to discover their entrepreneurial wings and soar even higher into mastermind results with new energy and determination. A Certified Results Coach, DJ has been a life-long student of mind mastery and the human psyche. He started his journey by studying Linguistics to learn how the mind works to master language acquisition that led him on a trek to understand how to master the mind. He subsequently became a Certified Life Performance Coach and an NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programing) practitioner. He has been an education specialist for the past 30 years in personal development. With mentors like Bob Proctor, and Jeff Slayter, as a Certified International Thinking into Results (TIR) Facilitator, DJ coaches leaders to think into the results they really want. He also facilitates life-changing seminars, workshops, and keynote speeches. An avid investor in the markets, DJ has discovered through studying trader psychology that most businesses and business leaders want to expand and create their own economy but they are held back by their own limiting beliefs and those of their people. By uncovering truth through understanding, DJ has seen professionals transformed when they change their limiting paradigms into real-life results on a professional and personal level. DJ has also joined the Wealth Ace Management Team as a Wealth Coach with the objective of helping individuals increase wealth and prosperity to do more good in this world.

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