City: Gold Coast

Country: Australia

Profession: Purposeful Transformation Alchemist

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: This project is a wonderful opportunity to up-level global consciousness and to create purposeful transformation at an individual, community and global level – a perfect match for my life’s work. I am trusting that my contribution will ignite the flame of transformation for many who are blessed to read this life changing book

Danny is known as the go to guy for purposeful transformation work. Known for his down to earth, pragmatic style he is fiercely committed to his clients and having them connect with and using their higher guidance in learning and living their own True Purpose. On his own quest Danny has spent his life exploring human potential. He has studied with some of the great minds and transformational luminaries on the planet including Anthony Robins. Dr John Demartini, Tim Kelley and don Oscar Miro Quesada Achieving exciting and life changing results for those he works with is Danny’s inspired goal. Danny is inspired, humbled and grateful to work with people who are renegades, don’t fit in, dance to their own drum, don’t accept the status quo and are on their own path so that they can fire up the leader within and fully embrace their authenticity and dance within the flame of transformation In pursuit of his own vision where the world is transformed by everyone knowing their purpose, having an ongoing connection with their own higher guidance and embracing their own Hero’s Journey, Danny works with individuals and groups to bring this vision to reality He has a total commitment to his own “Hero’s Journey” and loves nothing more than lighting the flame for the transformation for others so that they too can take their own personal Hero’s Journey.

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