City: New Plymouth

Country: New Zealand

Profession: Awakening Facilitator

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: I became part of the Inspirational Bible project as a way to reach out in service to all of those drawn, not only to my own personal words within this fabulous book, but also with any of the healing and self-development modalities that I can professionally offer them. Thank you Emily for this wonderful opportunity.

David de Warenne – was born in Aotearoa, New Zealand and has studied a myriad array of self-development philosophies and natural healing modalities in over 25 years of inquisitive research and hands on experience. A Practitioner of Vibrational Medicine, which includes his use of ancient Shamanic understanding and skills, along with the use of Sound frequencies, David’s vocation also includes that of an Awakening Facilitator, A Deliberate Creation Coach. Hypnotherapist, Spiritual consultant, and Herbalist. David is also the founder of ‘The Academy of Quantum Education’, an enterprise that promotes Self-development through the educational facilitation of Shamanism, Natural Health, Spiritual Psychology, Neuroscience (How the mind works) and other ‘Sacred Technologies’.

He is a visionary and a published author and has facilitated self-development training seminars including Shamanic Philosophy, Conscious Creation principles and Sound healing, within the UK, USA, Australia, The Bahamas, and in his native New Zealand. He has a deep love and care for the land, sky, and waters, and in so doing he helps others to reconnect with their own true selves, and with the very essence of life itself. “I am passionate about assisting people awaken from the illusion of mediocrity and limiting beliefs… and then guiding them on, towards a life where they can embrace their highest potential and realise their most fondest of dreams.” David de Warenne

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