Age: 48

City: Melbourne

Country: Australia

Profession: Practitioner & Trainer of Energy and Meridian Therapies

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: As soon as I saw this I knew I had to take part. What an amazing opportunity. There are so many inspiring people and they all have something to say, yet would often go unheard. And to think that the stories will be read around the world, and donated to many in need it is a project that truly resonates with me. It is a privilege to be part of this amazing project.

Deanna Hewett is a Melbourne based Energy Practitioner. Deanna facilitates emotional healing and increases connection for her clients. She coordinates and facilitates Children’s and Teens Workshops in building confidence and resilience, meditation, and teaching life skills. As well as private consultations and speaking at events, as a Licensed AMT Trainer and an experienced, qualified Educator, Deanna also offers certified training courses in EFT Master Practitioner, Positive EFT and EmoTrance (Emotional Transformation). Deanna writes regularly for magazines, and manages a parenting Facebook group. Deanna has 3 children aged 13, 9 and 7.

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