City: Sydney

Country: Australia

Profession: Ambassador of Happiness

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: I love collaboration so this is exciting! I have witnessed Emily’s ongoing inspirational progress over many years so I trust this will be a great book. Plus, its fun to be a part of because I love being inspired and I love to share inspiration!

Deb King is the heart and soul of Loving Life Radio, the grooviest place to tune in to high frequency leaders and receive your daily dose of wisdom that will inspire you to integrate positive change into your life! Loving Life Radio launched in June 2014 with an explosive crowd funding campaign, confirming Deb’s place as an engaging radio show host, as well as a collaborative leader and global social entrepreneur. From immersing herself in the personal development industry for over 10 years as a Coach and Trainer, Deb has developed a powerful tool box using modalities such as NLP, Theta Healing, Wealth Dynamics and she is a trained facilitator of The Wish Game.

Deb has been selected to represent leading coach organisations to work with their top clients and is passionate about nurturing leadership expansion through creative solutions. As a result, Deb has a well-honed ability to think differently. Paired with her heart-centred approach and contagious enthusiasm, Deb’s perspective steers leaders to clarity, confidence and certainty in just one conversation.

Deb is passionate about reminding leaders to tap into their personal power to discover the bigger version of their potential and purpose. Deb describes herself as a Happiness and Loving Life Ambassador who loves groovy music, travel, the ocean, and creating magic with exceptional people.