City: Melbourne

Country: Australia

Profession: Awakening Facilitator

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: I am literally alive on the planet today because of all those individuals who have inspired and loved me every step of the way so the second I discovered the Inspiration Bible all I could imagine was this amazing idea the connections that could be created, the words in the book and the love infused in those pages. I felt this amazing rush of energy through my entire body. I realised something too; what if I was never alone on this planet and that there genuinely are millions of people around the globe who are constantly day dreaming of a different experience of life just like the younger me who had prayed for a miracle, for a light at the end of whatever tunnel they may be faced with. I do feel super honoured and privaledged to be here.

Deborah Henderson is an Awakening Facilitator with a unique gift to access direct communication with your personal spirit guides and re-connect you. London born into a Victorian family home Deborah’s aunt gave her the gift of Tarot cards when she was aged thirteen. During her time at a haunted Boarding School many friends were experiencing parents divorce, eating disorders, deaths in the family and relationship struggles so she began reading every single one of her mothers library of books. The authors were all by global leaders in personal transformation, healing, autobiographies and memoirs. Constantly gathering information ready to share pieces of light, wisdom and insights into the lives of her friends, Deborah became completely fascinated by human behaviour. Published in The Inspiration Bible ~ My Journey To Awakening, Deborah shares the path which lead to meeting a spiritual guide who lead her to rise up. Deborah now shares tools to living an awakened life. Integrating all the lessons of the past meant massive change in reality fuelled by gallons of courage to moving to the other side of the planet, clearing up the financial debts of the past and finally being in a loving relationship.

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