City: Binfield

Country: United Kingdom

Profession: Divorce Recovery & Life Empowerment Specialist

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: It’s no mistake that I’ve come to the work of being a specialist in the field of helping divorced and separated women whose partners have walked out on the relationship to heal and create self-fulfilled lives they love. My mission to illuminate the lives of women around the world was borne of my own trials and life experience but I was extremely fortunate to have been inspired by some of the greatest minds along the way. Now it’s my turn to give back and inspire others along their journey in the hope that they too will pass on this torch in time.

Desiree Marie Leedo is the founder of Invisible Goddess and a leading Divorce Recovery and Life Empowerment Specialist to women from all walks of life who wish to heal and create new lives they will love. She is also the author of Invisible Goddess: Step Out From The Shadow of Your Divorce, and Shine! Drawing on her unique mix of over a decade’s experience as a personal development and holistic health practitioner, she developed her cutting-edge process for moving from powerless to powerhouse after the sudden and devastating breakup of her own 10-year marriage which floored almost every area of her life at the time. Today Desiree shares her inspiring philosophies and techniques with women who are committed to reclaiming their inner goddess. Allowing them to dream, believe and achieve – so becoming the superstars of their own lives and the role models of tomorrow.