City: Rotorua

Country: New Zealand

Profession: Naturopath -Intuitive Healer- Public Speaker on Esoteric subjects and death experiences.

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: I joined this project because I wanted to be part of an amazing idea that would motivate, uplift, and help many in the world with inspirational writings. I thought it a brilliant idea that Emily Gower felt inspired to bring together 365 authors to write their moving stories of hope and healing.What better way to reach out to the world and help others overcome their struggles and inspire hope.

I was educated at Columba College in Dunedin- gained a hairdressing diploma in Christchurch and then changed direction due to health problems that the medical tradition could not help. I studied Iridolgy and Herbs under Drs Bernard Jensen and Dr Eugene Watson from the USA. I gained certificates in Touch for Health, Aromatherapy,Reflexology and Massage.

I ran a clinic for detoxing environmental poisons out of people. I helped start the Taoist Tai Chi Society in NZ and taught it for many years.Suddenly and tragically in 1974 my daughter died in a car accident, then my son was killed nine years later on his motorbike.

I published my book “I’m Alive My Children are Dead- or Are They?” in 2013. It is my story of when faced with a sudden and unexpected crisis – with a death of children – how does one cope? It is a story that has inspired and uplifted people who have read it -“A can’t put down read” I have been told.Self publishing my book has given me the opportunity to speak to and help parents heal their grief at the death of their child.

I am semi retired now but still work part time as a naturopath/healer in a local health shop. I am available as a public speaker to groups-or for private consultations.I also use Numerology to help people understand their journey in life. Namaste

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