City: Nambour

Country: Australia

Profession: Confidence Coach

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: The spark started when Emily personally invited me to contribute. I have watched this amazing young lady blossom over the past few years and I just knew she would create the space for something moving, lasting and heartfelt to develop. And she has… I was delighted to accept and what a pleasure it is to be involved and getting to know on-line many of the other contributors is a bonus. I feel blessed. In line with my being an advocate for women finding their voice and being confident, I took my contribution one step further, to the next generation…creating a letter for my granddaughter’s… my legacy to them.

I am Di, and my passion is confidence. My vision is for mature women to present themselves at their best in any situation. With three decades as a professional communicator, confidence coach and MC, I deliver with style, effect and tact. My choice now is to work with women 50+. It is an incredible privilege to guide and enhance women’s confidence, spirit and style. My coaching style comes from the heart, working one on one, and small groups. And I blog! Why? I enjoy writing…and a challenge!. Initially “Paint the Ceiling Beige’ a guide to rediscovering sensuality… a quirky take on life. It has morphed into sharing issues facing women 50+ Decades ago I was introduced to Toastmasters. It was the genesis of my ‘confidence coaching’. I can confidently say my work ethic, organisational skills and leadership practices are a direct result of this organisation. Incorporating a number of modalities I draw on my nursing background, life experiences and leadership skills to enhance my qualifications as a coach, mentor, trainer and presenter. I have overcome significant personal challenges and deliver potentially sensitive subjects with humour, diplomacy and compassion, providing pathways to improve communication, productivity, confidence and self-esteem. I authored and published my personal story, ‘Beyond Abuse’ and worked for 30 years as a health professional with 30 years experience of Committee and Board service. I love life, travel; dining, dancing, reading and friendship. In supporting women I am involved in a trust bank for women in villages in Bali.

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