City: Allen

Country: USA

Profession: Spiritual Teacher, Trainer, Mentor, Doctor of Chiropractic

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: I wanted to be a part of this amazing life changing body of work. To be part of this powerful project, a force for good, positively impacting and changing the world for the better.

Dr. Dan’s teachings are about being a true “Heart Warrior”. A Heart Warrior is an individual who has the courage to journey inside themselves, love what ever it is they see, even if they have labeled it as “undesirable”. Then, take the necessary steps to transmute these identified undesirable qualities within themselves, and turn them into a positive opportunity for learning, growth, self expansion, and love. This offers one the ability to rapidly manifest one’s desires into the highest good for all concerned. Dr. Dan’s teachings are beautiful, powerful, and effective. The teachings are all about living in the heart, love, gratitude. As simple as “The Law of Love and Gratitude” may seem on the surface, the messages run quite deep and are very profoundly life changing. The application transforms and changes the lives of the people who use and experience the techniques and life changing processes. Miracles literally take place in peoples lives when they choose to go on this path of personal growth and exploration!

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