City: Turner

Country: Australia

Profession: Author, Speaker, Presenter

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: I have been interested in personal development and spirituality since I can remember. When this opportunity presented itself, I had just finished writing my first full-length book – with Emily Gowor, the creator of this project, as my mentor – and I had the writing bug. I just loved Emily’s enthusiasm and her reasons for and philosophy around doing the book. It is about giving – on multiple levels. It was a privilege to be able to be a part of something like that.

Dr Haley Jones is an author and speaker who helps people clarify what their passion is and how they can fulfil it. Working with adults and children, Dr Jones aims to change the ingrained cultural mindset that promotes financial security above personal fulfilment. Her workshops and books cause people to reshape their thoughts towards career and money. With her sharp intellect and knowledge of wealth creation and personal development, Dr Jones teaches practical methods for discovering and following one’s true path. A curious and spiritual child, Dr Jones became deeply interested in personal development and the human search for meaning. Despite this, she steered her inquiring mind towards education in maths, physics, computer science, and eventually a PhD. She worked as an electrical and electronic engineer and conducted research in telecommunications engineering. Stifled by this analytical environment, and wanting to make a more lasting positive impact on the world, she switched to sustainable engineering. At this point, her true path became clear. She wanted to change the world, but she wanted to start at an individual level, and she wanted to do this through personal development and career fulfilment. Dr Jones realised it is empowered, and – more importantly – happy people, who respect and care for the world they’re in. After undertaking further courses in wealth creation, personal development and attending Anthony Robbins’ workshops, she made a change and has not looked back.

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