Age: 41

City: Brisbane

Country: Australia

Profession: Human Potential Activator, Researcher, Educator, Author

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: As a human potential activator, my mission is to educate and inspire people to unlock their personal potential, play a bigger game, and live an authentic and inspired life. Being part of the Inspiration Bible, a project designed to inspire people all over the world represents an exceptional opportunity for me to share my knowledge and wisdom on a planetary scale and contribute to ignite the life spark in those who need it most.

Olivier is the co-founder of Mastery to Success – The Human Potential Academy, a private coaching and education organization dedicated to educate and assist people unlock their personal potential and connect with their heart and purpose to live an authentic, healthy, and inspired life. As a Demartini Method® facilitator and certified Master Practitioner of NLP with a PhD in Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics and more than 15 years experience in medical research, Olivier unites the scientific, metaphysical, psychological & esoteric aspects of human development to integrate Mind & Body, activate genius & potential, and awaken leadership. Combining his knowledge of the Universal Laws, brain research, human behavior expertise and leadership, Olivier has developed a system to help people identify their identity and clarify their life mission and purpose. By implementing a series of simple and practical action steps, Olivier assists people to embrace their uniqueness and create their masterpiece. Olivier has written several books to assist people realize their potential. Among those, his latest books include Mission Inspired – a daily companion designed to help you create your masterpiece, and WealthierYOU – a simple & practical 8 weeks program that addresses common roadblocks to wealth building with a strong focus on developing a Wealth Mindset, creating Wealth Habits, and implementing simple and effective Wealth Strategies to unlock your wealth potential and build your personal wealth.

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