City: Gundowring

Country: Australia

Profession: Student

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: I really wanted to help other kids and people with anxiety become aware there was another way, instead of having to go on drugs. We did not know what to do at the time when I was suffering really badly and being around horses really helped, as well as being super-dooper fun!

For 11 year old Elina Passant, struggling with severe anxiety has not only given her the toughest challenges but also some precious gifts along the way. It has led her to an early passion of learning all she can about horses, horsemanship and finding that courageous leader inside.

To studying iNLP (Integrated Neuro Lingual Programming), giving her an understanding of how the mind affects the body and how you can change the signals from bad to good, until you can finally see a good picture of how you want your life to be. Elina wants to continue to inspire others through books. She is a co-author in the amazing project of The Inspiration Bible, as well as being part of three books in the “Your Awesome Life” series. Eventually Elina would like to teach others with anxiety, about what they are feeling and how they can work through it with the assistance of horses.