Age: 29

City: Cape Town

Country: South Africa

Profession:  Human Behavioral Specialist, Scenario Planner, Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: We are all on a journey of self discovery in some form or way and being able to share with the world my journey can maybe save somebody else a lot of time. It is great to be part of a group of people from all over the world that wants to be service to the world.

Emile has been fascinated with human behavior, systems and emotions from a young age. Since the age of eighteen he has made it his life mission to find a solutions to emotional problems, especially around family dynamics and mental health. Emile also has an immense love for education and helping people find their purpose in life. He beliefs that every body has a hidden genius waiting to be discovered and to be shared with the world. He is also an entrepreneur at heart, always at the cutting edge of what is trending in the start up world. He loves to help entrepreneurs to get to the right emotional state for building and maintaining a business, since any business is just a reflection of the leader. He has studied through the Demartini Institute since 2006 and became a Demartini Method Facilitator in 2011 and he continues to refine and expand his skills. His mission is to be of service to a 150 million families and entrepreneurs across the world.

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