Age: 37

City: Melbourne

Country: Australia

Profession: Personal Brand Strategist, Entertainer, Storyteller

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: Anytime I get to inspire somebody by telling a story you’ll find me jumping up and down for joy. If you are reading this then you probably feel the same way. Projects that combine this and a pioneering spirit, I’m in. Projects that are helping those in need, I am definitely in. Projects that allow me to do all of this, PLUS shamelessly plug myself are genius and that is why I am so in. It’s not everyday you come across the sacred union of heart, philanthropy and marketing. Now that is inspiring.

One day when walking up a huge mountain path in the Himalaya I realised it was time for me to take shave off the dreadlocks and cater to my inner entrepreneur. After studying with monks, wise women, sages, gurus, thought leaders and business moguls I knew that the inner game of manifesting all of my beliefs and dreams into real world tangible results was my next great adventure. This has been one of the best experiences of my life. Since founding ELK I have been invited to speak professionally all around the world plus coached hundreds of heart centered humans on how to understand their talent and transform it into a business that makes them proud and profitable. Now I continue to speak, coach, research and blend the alchemy of creativity and strategy, right and left-brain know how, feminine and masculine inspiration to bring brilliance to the world of business and its leaders.

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