Age: 30

City: Sunshine Coast

Country: Australia

Profession: Lovepreneur

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: I was blessed to have met Emily Gowor a couple of years ago through a business mentor and as soon as I heard about the project I just resonated with it and knew that both myself and Kieron had to be part of it. Sharing our stories with others does give that inspiration to them to know that they too can change their lives no matter what they are going through. Even if my story just resonates with one person and makes a difference to them, then it serves its purpose. To be part of such a life changing book alongside so many courageous and amazing people is an absolute honour! I hope that if you read my story, that is resonates in some way for you that it might just flick a switch inside yourself to heal and love yourself for you, just the way you are.

Emmajane Love (EJ) is a ‘Lovepreneur’ – Spiritual Life Coach, Business Mentor & Motivational Speaker as well as an Angel Intuitive, Healer, Angelic Reiki Practitioner and Author and most recently she has delved into the art of Sacred Sexuality. As the founder of Love Angels Global – a company dedicated to educating and inspiring women globally to embrace their inner beauty – EJ gives back to the community by spreading her message through many charity events and projects. She has recently been appointed as the Ambassador of the National Campaign for Sustainable Beauty, as well as being a Ms Australia 2015 National Finalist which focuses on inner beauty and raises awareness for Ovarian Cancer. In 2013 EJ founded Kieron D’Netto Spinal Injury Support to help raise funds to buy Kieron (who is a Quadriplegic) a new wheelchair van so he can continue to do his motivational talks. Kieron is also featured in the Inspiration Bible. She is passionate about helping women with low self-esteem, negative body image and unhealthy relationships after going through her own battles she now shares her message through her coaching, workshops, speaking, blog, books and by collaborating with other like-minded women to get this message across globally. Her mission is to change the world by helping women to awaken the beautiful woman within! Her book ‘I AM Love: Awaken the Beautiful Woman Within’ which is both an autobiography and self-healing book is due out in early 2015 and will be the first in a series of many.

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