City: Perth

Country: Australia

Profession: Retired

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: We will probably never meet each other as I am sure that the Inspirational Bible will go throughout the world but if just one of these life stories touches your life and inspires you to believe that miracles are possible and that you have the same power to tap into the inner strength that God has given you then this book has fulfilled its mission. Be blessed!

I was born in London in 1948 so I was destined to be a teenager in the Swinging ’60’s. There was no other place on earth as exciting as London at the time and my cousin Lisa and I started to write our own music. We got a band together and recorded an album under the name Chimera. My mother and sisters moved to Rome, Italy in 1965 and while visiting I met Roberto. Fame was knocking on our door but he was knocking on my heart and guess who won! I moved to Italy, got married and we had four children. With the breakdown of our marriage I decided to emigrate to Australia where my mother and sisters and cousin Lisa were living. I met Ken and we got married. Lisa and I wrote a book together called ‘Making It, Famous Names and Silly Girls’ about our adventures in London and 32 years later an album of our music was released as a collector’s item. We still get fan mail today! I am still writing, my son and I made a board game, and I have been teaching pasta making for years in schools and in the community. I have been a tour guide, career advisor and, although officially retired, I am now studying pastoral care. I love people and am so grateful to be alive. I am at my happiest when with my family and, although definitely not perfect, being the me God made me to be.

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