City: Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Country: Australia

Profession: Horseman and Adventurer

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: Inspiring people to stretch and take on challenges is one thing, inspiring horses to join a dance with you is another. Inspiring horses and people, that takes dedication, commitment and a lifetime of learning.

Gavin is a horseman, endurance rider and adventurer, and has been working with horses for over 25 years. Talented with handling horses from a young age, he has experience with horses from all disciplines, and also study’s bodywork and the healing arts. He conducts horsemanship clinics in Australia and internationally, helping people get to understanding more about their horses, and discovering more about themselves. Dedicated to his life’s work of understanding horses, bringing a greater quality of life to horses and people, helping them achieve a more effective relationship. Gavin’s years of experience can help riders from any discipline build a willing, safe and responsive equine partner. Gavin has a patient, relaxed and calm teaching style that immediately puts both horse and human at ease and in a learning frame of mind.

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