City: London

Country: United Kingdom

Profession: Social Entrepreneur

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: Simply inspired to contribute to something larger that can generate lasting impact.

Gavin has over 25 years’ experience in the financial services industry, predominantly in Investment Banking Operations, in a variety of roles to VP-level, most recently with JP Morgan.

His roles spanned multiple asset classes and functions, in risk and control, trade and finance operations management, relationship management, collateral management, change projects, business analysis, and a wide range of new business initiatives in domestic and international markets. Grateful for his experiences and the learning gained during that time, in later years Gavin began to realize his purpose had grown, and felt called to connect and engage with others already doing impactful work contributing to individual, organizational and systemic change across the world.

To bring together the best impact-oriented initiatives, and help create new ones, we formed Aurora Impact Ltd in 2014, which builds on the successful track record of over forty years of complex organisational and cross-sector innovation work by members of its founding team, including saving two years of development time and over $3B in costs to deliver the Boeing 777.

Aurora implements custom super-fiduciary conditions to co-design and scale investible projects and ventures more likely to accelerate systemic change and generate sustainable social, economic and environmental impact. By using time-compressed de-risking processes, for example our 3-day “Trim Tab Lab” designshop, diverse parties, including impact-oriented investors, across an extended value chain, or ecosystem, rather than typically select from project pitches’, are able to unlock new levels of shared understanding, mutual trust and collaborative possibilities, to create integrative solutions benefitting all.

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