City: Perth

Country: Australia

Profession: Professional Master Coach NLP

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: To connect and share with like-minded people who seek to inspire and empower others.

Do you desire to achieve peak performance and excellence in any area of life? Do you want to achieve a champion mindset? Do you want to build your success on strong foundations? Gillian Skeer B.A. is “The Change Agent”. She connects people with their inherent abilities and strengths to bring about incredible results. Gillian is a professional Life & Success Coach, a certified Master Coach NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Master Practitioner NLP, Master of Time Line Therapy® and a Master Hypnotist. She is also a professional speaker, author, media columnist, instructor and motivator. Inspirational and results-driven, Gillian supports the success of individuals, groups and corporate clients internationally. Gillian Skeer has over 25 years’ experience in a range of professional roles in both corporate and government sectors, including industries such as mining, retail, property, banking, luxury goods, education, conservation and tourism, and has operated several of her own businesses. Possessing a champion mindset Gillian lives life on a continuous journey of self-improvement. She is passionately committed to helping her clients achieve their full potential, be it in career, business, personal life, health, relationships, wealth-creation, mindset or performance.

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