City: Brisbane

Country: Australia

Profession: Business & Executive Coach / Mentor

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: The Inspiration Bible is a chance to share life experiences and perhaps a little insight into lives that might otherwise remain out of view. Even for the authors there is so much to learn from other authors and there is pride in sharing this book with people whose stories inspire. I look forward to reading them all again and again.

Lives are to be enjoyed and that is always how I have approached my life. My family, my sporting clubs and other organisations I joined have provided me with many successes and crucial growth experiences. I believe we are at our best (we improve, we change, we grow) when we are challenged by many of life’s activities. Work is also a wonderful growth foundation and I am thankful to have been offered so much variety in my 40+ years of work: the chance to lead hundreds of people; the challenge of product development & service delivery; the experience of managing large projects / budgets; and the pleasure of working in partnership with people whose insights I will always value.

Now I share all those experiences with my clients. I have worked throughout Australia, in remote communities too – and internationally. I work with both small business leaders and executive leaders to make them more self aware and to develop in them, the edge to lead and succeed.

Managing change and culturing successful behaviours have been the hallmarks of my working life and are now the building blocks for my coaching, mentoring and training business. I share my life with my wife of 31 years, Christine and our two wonderful, intelligent daughters – Rarsharne and Karlyn.

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