City: Melbourne

Country: Australia

Profession: Transformational Coach

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: When I received an email from Emily Gowor inviting me to write a one page story in The Inspirational Bible I couldn’t resist, feeling honored and privileged to be a part of it. My journey in life is to inspire others and I wanted to share one of my stories to let others know that anything is possible and that if you receive a calling in your heart, you can follow it knowing that you will be taken care of even though fear can get in the way. In my experience in life I have observed that there are many who would love to follow their dreams and the only obstacle that faces them is fear. If I can overcome fear in regards to my purpose then others can too. It felt so right in my heart to share my story and help others who are currently going through similar circumstances.

Jackie Mortimer is an extraordinary Life Changing Consultant/Mentor transforming individuals around the globe using a powerful cutting edge method that inspires and empowers individuals to live the life of their dreams. As the founder of Healing Spheres – an Australian based company, Jackie dedicates her life by mentoring people in order so they can experience unconditional love, passion, great relationships, perfect health, clarity, trust, loyalty and peace.

Jackie is committed to Personal and Spiritual development and in your desired outcome and she has the tools and experience to empower individuals to live a purposeful life. Jackie’s purpose started from the age of three weeks when she lost her mother to suicide and two years later her Father, with his new wife and children, immigrated from The Netherlands to Australia.

Jackie virtually lived on the streets from two years of age and spent six weeks in an immigration camp in Bonegilla, Victoria with her family during the heat of summer with very poor and basic living conditions.

As long as she can remember, Jackie was there for another spreading her wisdom and love to friends and listening to their pain and she has the strong desire to assist individuals to overcome their past fears and hurtful experiences to live a life of love, fulfillment, passion and grace. A true inspiration to others, Jackie is devoted to assist millions around the globe to experience love for themselves and others to live the life and relationship of their dreams.

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