City: Gloucester

Country: United Kingdom

Profession: Author and Spiritual Traveller Trying To Make A Difference

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: I love the idea of a daily moment of inspiration. Having spoken with amazing people who shared their stories with me in my book, ‘Life-Changing Seconds’, I know the Inspiration Bible would have offered them a lifeline when at their lowest ebb.

For 50 years Janet Swift accumulated every experience life could offer, seeking fulfilment through careers from nursing, police officer, 20+ years in the corporate world and finally, as a successful business owner. Despite this, she felt a burning sense of underachievement, recognising her latent potential but, still believing it wasn’t safe to shine her light, allowed her childhood decision to ‘play small’ to inform her next five decades, until life’s cold hobnail boot startled her awake.

Janet’s unique early life experience set her apart and the bright, intelligent expression of her truth was dimmed to survive as a seven-year-old child at boarding school. Raised in Bahrain, Malta and Germany herself, she’s ensured her children are global citizens, encouraging them to pursue their dreams. Now a #1 International Bestselling Author and Reiki Practitioner, Janet shares her extensive knowledge and experience with her clients.

Perhaps her greatest gift is enabling people from all walks of life to identify the events that have changed and shaped their choices and she is currently developing a range of workshops, talks and books designed to captivate, inspire and encourage everyone to live their life on purpose and express their truth. Are you living your dream or someone else’s? Can Janet help you to live your passion and purpose?