City: Auckland

Country: New Zealand

Profession: Coach / Mentor / Creator of The Awakening

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: The Inspiration Bible is a Divine opportunity to express something and connect people and Divine ideas to enable them and their soul to tap into where they seek to grow and become the fullest expression of who they are. If my contribution inspires only ONE person to make ONE life-changing change in their life, the time and love that went into my sharing will have been totally worth it!

Jasmine Platt is an International Mentor, Coach, Channel and Creator of The Awakening Mastermind. Jasmine’s Soul Purpose is to support people to overcome the blocks that prevent them living as their HIGHEST Selves, so they are able to powerfully share their Divine gifts with the world in a way that enables the expansion of those they are here to serve. At the micro-level, her work addresses the blocks and inherent challenges and pain experienced when a person is disconnected from the wisdom and direction of their Soul and Higher Self. Together her work brings her clients back into soul alignment, so that an abundant life of ease and flow, success, confidence, peace, fulfilment, connection, contribution, joy, extraordinary co-created relationships and the fulfilment of their vision becomes their natural state.

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