City: Brisbane

Country: Australia

Profession: Pharmacist

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible:

Without sadness we will never appreciate joy. Without fear we will never know of courage. I was bestowed with this clarity and understanding of life, when at 17, was faced with the possibility of losing my mother to cancer. I learnt that sometimes, struggles are meant to make us realise our true potential, strength and heart. But what we take from these challenges, is the ability to grow, learn and then rise from it. After overcoming every obstacle, my mother survived and the diagnosis gave us newfound perspective to live life everyday with gratitude, determination, positivity and purposeful action.

Our story would have ended very differently had we given up on hope long ago. Every new, healthy and joyful day that we still share together is a gift. I’ve always felt that there had to be more, that there was a reason why my mother was spared becoming a statistic and we were given a second chance at life. Involvement in the Inspiration Bible soon became that answer for me. When the opportunity came around, I immediately knew what I wanted to write about and how deeply I felt moved to share our story in hope of giving strength to others who are dealing with cancer in the family.

My mother’s health scare taught me to always live our best, active, happiest lives, which enables us to live to our fullest potential. I have spent the last 5 years studying and working in Pharmaceutical Healthcare; and I am passionate towards empowering patients take control of their health conditions and to strive towards living a healthy, vibrant and abundant life.

Through my work, I also often meet families of those enduring treatment at the hospital my mother was under care. I learnt that it takes a certain amount of strength to hold a grieving woman as she struggles to cope with the loss of her husband to leukaemia. Or a certain amount of courage to look a girl in her eyes and tell her, everything is going to be okay, despite her mother’s recent terminal diagnosis.

Life is a deeply felt, growing mosaic of meaningful and life-changing moments. And its moments like these that I encounter on a regular basis which remind me how blessed I truly am – how blessed we all are – and gives me great strength and determination to create change, to make a difference and to leave a positive impact in this world. It all starts with becoming a part of the Inspiration Bible movement. I believe that there is always time to do more, achieve more, help more, and learn more. I will never settle for less than what I can be, do, share or give in order to become an excellent, inspired human being.