City: Plymouth

Country: United Kingdom

Profession: Coach/Therapist/Facilitator

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: I have been inspired by many wonderful people in my life. Some of those people have been close to me and some I have never even met but something I read or heard about them inspired me in some way. The Inspiration Bible is a wonderful opportunity to join forces with many other inspiring people in order to share our messages with the world. If my message inspires one person who I have never had the opportunity to meet – what a gift that would be!

I am a Coach, Therapist and Writer who is passionate about helping people to find their voice in the world. For many years I felt too scared to be my real self, to stand up for what I wanted in life. I was always pleasing other people; at home, at work and in every aspect of my life. I realised I was unhappy and unfulfilled. I left a “successful” Corporate career to follow my real passion as a Coach, Therapist and Facilitator to work with people who want to get the best from their lives. I help them to get to know their REAL self, let go of the past, accept who they are and feel able to ask for what they want. All too often, we sacrifice ourselves and hide our true gifts because we are fearful of Judgement, Rejection or Failure. My first book “Would the REAL woman please stand up.” is due to be published soon and is my way of being brave and sharing the REAL me with the world. Being brave doesn’t mean you have to start skydiving or take up public speaking (although I can recommend both of these!) Being brave might be trying something for the first time, voicing an honest opinion, even asking for help can be a very brave thing to do. How will you be BRAVE today?

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