Age: 28

City: Batu Pahat

Country: Malaysia

Profession: Wealth Manager & Lifestyle Architect

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: What’s the difference between an average life and an amazing one? In my opinion it’s Inspiration. When Emily asked me if I wanted to join this project I immediately jumped at the chance! I believe everyone deserves the chance to have an amazing life and the Inspiration Bible will keep you motivated as you continue to push your limits. I’m immensely proud to be a part of this project, thank you Emily for putting it all together!

I was a banker and when I retired at 26 I found myself wondering “what’s next?”. Without Inspiration I would’ve just settled for a mediocre life, getting stuck in one rut after another. Money wasn’t my driver, I had lots of it but it didn’t make me happy. What really made me happy was helping people. After banking, I started a business with a partner in securities broking where I managed portfolios for middle class and high net worth families. I really enjoyed that and it made me realize “Money is important but Relationships are even more important!” Now, I have my own consultancy advising family-run businesses on succession planning and investment. As I advise my clients and help them achieve their financial goals and live the lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of, it is more important than ever to constantly be inspired in order to inspire others. Therefore, I end this short bio with my personal motto: “Show up. Do your best. Tell the truth. Don’t be attached to the outcome. It’s the journey, not the destination that counts.”

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