City: Elgin

Country: Scotland

Profession: Confidence Alchemist, Author, Speaker, Trainer

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: There have been times in my own life where things seemed pretty bleak, during which someone sharing a word of inspiration helped to open up new possibilities. I want to pay that help forward, and the Inspiration Bible is a great way to help to inspire countless others in their own times of need.

Like most people, Keith had dreams. He dreamed of travelling the world, of being an author, of being on stage. But Keith was painfully shy, to the point that even the thought of meeting new people terrified him. It all came to a head when he went to a party and fled after a panic attack.

Having decided enough was enough and that he wasn’t going to continue to live life hiding away, Keith researched into the latest techniques for reprogramming the mind, and used these to completely conquer his own shyness. He trained and became certified in NLP, Hypnosis and a number of complementary tools and techniques. He now guides other people around the world on their own journeys of empowerment as The Confidence Alchemist where he helps people to transform their deepest fear into their greatest strength.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, he and his clients can keep in touch where ever they may be. A best-selling author as well as an international speaker, Keith is blessed to be able to travel the world, speaking from stages (often with Christopher Howard) and helping people to make massive transformations in their own lives, and to teach these same tools and technologies to others.

And, in his occasional spare time, he gets to indulge in his life-long ambition by singing, dancing and acting on stage in various amateur dramatic productions. Keith is a living embodiment of his sentiment that when you change your mind, you change your life.

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