City: Rockhampton

Country: Australia

Profession: Counsellor

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: When I first heard of this amazing project, I thought about the dark times I have experienced, and what it was exactly, that fed me strength, when I felt I had little. I realized that it was hearing, or reading of others, who have faced incredible challenges, and then used those same challenges, as fuel to ignite their resilience, even if it was just enough to keep moving forwards. The idea of an entire book, with the very purpose to serve people in this way, is an incredible gift. I am honoured to be included with these amazing contributors in Emily Gower’s incredible project, The Inspiration Bible.

Kerri Ann is a qualified Counsellor, Tutor and Practitioner of Intuitive arts, Workshop Facilitator, and Keynote Speaker. Kerri Ann served many years within Public Health, Government, and NGO’s, including the areas of Domestic and Family Violence, Suicide and Crisis Care, Disability, and Grief and Loss. When challenged by a major health crisis, she retreated from work to surrender completely to becoming well. She was fortunate enough, in her quest for knowledge, to come under the notice of one of the world’s most known and loved spiritual mentors of our time. This saw her undertake an 18 month mentorship, which she describes as “a complete and beautiful life course adjustment”. Kerri Ann has since been sought out, by others, on similar journeys. This led to her establishing Samsara, and she now has clients from all corners of the globe. Along with being a co contributor in this book, she is currently writing her own story of the powerful and complex journey that has been her life. Her passion is assisting others to recognize their natural tendencies, strengths, gifts and passions, with the aim of initiating profound development and peace within life, while experiencing its various challenges.

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