City: Casuarina Beach

Country: Australia

Profession: Professional Speaker Wealth Training

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: It has been an honour to be a part of Emily’s journey – I was delighted to be asked to contribute.

Through her amazing array of experiences, Laura is qualified to assist other women to take command, and have clarity and confidence in the financial arena. Laura have worked as a Registered Nurse in acute care for over 25 years, having run a 40 bed surgical ward. Laura also has been a very successful real estate agent with a multi-national real estate company for 5 years, and was consistently in the top 10 monthly selling agents in Australia. Laura has been in business for over 24 years, and is a keen investor. Laura is an avid student of universal principles and the truth, and lives an exceptional life spending time between her Beach House at Casuarina Beach and travelling around Australia working with clients, facilitating and running her signature program FEMININE FINANCE AND THE POWER OF FLOW. Laura’s amalgamation of the expertise gained from various and very unique experiences in those careers and financial pursuits together with her most treasured accomplishment – Certified Senior Demartini Method facilitator – where she specializes in human behaviour using The Demartini Method® to assist clients to gain a new perspective for intelligent living and to be inspired by life, by teaching them to overcome their challenges, balance emotions and activate their true potential. Laura is deeply inspired to help women see the perfection and magnificence within themselves, to find unconditional love of self and to live the life they truly know is in their hearts to live.

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