City: New York

Country: USA

Profession: Creative Consciousness Facilitator

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: In life we cross paths with that which resonates and that which doesn’t. These map out our movements within our consciousness. This attractive and resonant force equals something within us. It was only natural that I myself would be inspired to be a part of the inspiration! Enjoy the creation

I have explored, and continue to explore an extensively transformative life and out of all the conceivable options, I’ve always opted for creation. I have a background in health and behavioral sciences, am a natural intuitive, an artist of prose & beauty, and a human being who revels in unique ways of being in the world. My self is a ‘constant’ in dynamic evolution, being that, I am never ‘there’ unless I am here. I work with the well-established, evolving and expansive sciences of nature, physics and human ecology. Along with my own sight and skill-set in health and behavioral sciences, I work in collaboration with a visionary physicist and exceptional mathematician. Together we map, calculate, articulate and observe the patterns that I unveil through creative consciousness.

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