City: Highland Village

Country: Texas

Profession: Spiritual Director

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: I wanted to share my story about how using practical tools are key to changing our lives and that they can be used by anyone and will always work when applied.

I am a master spiritual teacher of personal transformation through self-love. My purpose is to personally evolve spiritually and to teach universal truth which supports individual and collective spiritual growth. I heard the call to ministry early in life, but it wasn’t 2004 that he choose to answer it. At the peak of a long and successful career as a senior marketing executive in the insurance industry, I had the opportunity to pursue my life long inner dream of becoming a spiritual teacher. Grasping this opportunity I secured my masters degree in consciousness studies and become a new thought minister. I served as an assistant minister for a year and a half and then founded the Agape Center for Spiritual Living in Frisco, Texas. This Center is all inclusive and trans-denominational. It is centered on a practical spirituality that empowers individuals to create the life of there dreams.

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