City: Melbourne

Country: Australia

Profession: Life Transitions Mentoring and Healing

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: A close friend and colleague introduced me to Emily’s vision with the Inspiration Bible and I felt aligned with Emily’s passion and the opportunity to be a part of it this wonderful concept. It also seemed an ideal way for me to start having my own writing published to fulfill my mission to connect, co-create and build community by supporting others on their own journey to feeling a sense of freedom from within.

Linda’s passion is to support others on their journey towards empowering feelings of freedom, love and joy as they transition from one phase in life to the next and sees herself as a facilitator and mentor. After growing up in Sydney, then working part-time whilst studying in her teens, Linda started her full-time working life as a legal secretary before moving to Canberra eleven years later for the next phase of her life with her husband, a journalist who shifted into government and the diplomatic world. During the next 27 years and with a growing family, they also lived in Japan twice and Korea once for periods of 3-5 years at a time before Linda set out with her younger daughter for Melbourne and a new life. Driven to find different ways of healing, how to alleviate the sense of loss that dwells in the souls of so many, and what makes us tick, Linda found herself looking for answers other than the ‘norm’. From changing how she looked at healing through participating in a myriad of sports and hobbies and studying healing modalities, life coaching, self-development, business growth and relationship courses, Linda has now found she delights in relating with the mental, spiritual and physical ways of being to string together practicality and spirituality. Linda shares what she has learnt along the way with love and wisdom, passionate to help others open the doors to find their own truth of what freedom and joy means for them.

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