City: Central Coast

Country: Australia

Profession: Author & Weight Loss Consultant

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: I joined the Inspiration Bible Project because I believe facing a new dawn every day, is something to be inspired about – but it’s not always easy to find it, see it or feel it. Reading other peoples stories – what they may be currently experiencing and how they cope each day, as well as the challenges others have been through and their battle to get through it, will be a daily source of hope and inspiration for every single person out there. I want to inspire people to recognize how beautiful they are and the beauty that exists in their life.

Louise Ginglo is a Weight Loss Consultant and an Author from the NSW Central Coast. Louise gained her Diploma of Weight Loss Consulting from The Australian Institute of Weight Loss Consulting and is passionate about getting clients to their goal of reducing their weight long-term. After many years of struggling with her own weight, and trying various diets and programs, Louise finally found success after she decided it was time to ditch the dieting and focus on her health instead. This prompted her to write and publish her first book, Diet Starts Tomorrow which is an inspirational story of how a woman battled her vicious dieting cycle and discovered how to change her mind-set and approach to dieting, leading to her success in achieving a healthy body. Louise is currently working on her second book, aimed at a more in-depth look of how to achieve a healthy body with a healthy mind. Louise has also started writing short inspirational stories, tuning into challenges we all face, but feel as though we are up against them alone. These stories have the reader feeling as though they could have very well been written about them, allowing them to interpret the story into their own life and change their perspective on the situation. Louise hopes to inspire people to see the beauty in all that life has to offer and learn to love everything about their own unique life.